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Last updated on September 26, 2016

Adding new graphical or text-based messages to Concerto is the real bread and butter of the unique Concerto approach. If you are able to log into the Concerto Panel, you can submit any message that meets the basic image and text requirements as outlined in our Style Guide. Here's how you do it.

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Once you log into the Concerto Panel at, you'll find a series of tabs at the top of the page. Click the Add Content tab to get started adding new messages.

Click on the 'Add Content' tab to begin.

Click on the Add Content tab to begin.

Once you get to the Add Content page, you'll see two options at the top of the main box on the page. You can select to either add an image (a graphical message), or ticker text. Based on your selection, the form below will update accordingly.

Choose a button to either add an image or ticker text.

Choose a button to either add an image or ticker text.

Adding Images

If you select to add a graphical message to Concerto, you'll be presented with a box labeled "File to Upload." Click the Browse button to select an image file on your computer. You can add most major image formats, as well as PDFs (Ignore the refernce to Powerpoint slides, it doesn't work!). Refer to the Style Guide for more guidelines. Also, you must add a text title that will refer to your message within the Concerto Panel.

Adding Ticker Text

Enter 1-3 sentences for a ticker text message.

Enter 1-3 sentences for a ticker text message.

For text-based ticker messages, simply enter your message in the "Ticker Text" field.

Specifying Common Details

The rest of the details for a piece of content are exactly the same regardless of whether you're adding an image or ticker text. First, specify the start and end dates for when Concerto should start displaying your content and expire it. Please note that your content will only be displayed on screens over this date range if your content is approved by a Concerto moderator. (If you are a moderator that feed, then it will be auto-approved, without any further action.) When you click a date field or click the calendar icon to the right of the field, a mini calendar will pop up, allowing you to easily select a date.

A mini calendar will pop up for you to use when you click a date field.

A mini calendar will pop up for you to use when you click a date field.

By default, your content will last from 12:00 am on the Start Date until 11:59 pm on the End Date. For example, for an event that is occurring next Wednesday, you could fill in the Start Date to be the current day and the End Date to be next Wednesday. If you leave either the start or end dates blank, they will default to the current date. If you intend the content to last indefinitely, you can set an end date of around 1 Jan 2020.

If you would like to set the start and end times to something other than the defaults, simply click the links to the right of the Start and End Date boxes, labeled Set a different start/end time.

WARNING: At the moment, the times should be set 6 HOURS EARLIER than you want the change to take place, because the server is located in the USA, and changing the timezone code is rather difficult. e.g. to start at 11am, set it to start at 5am.

The next step is to select a duration. This is the amount of time your content, if approved, will appear on a screen before being rotated out for another message. The default is 8 seconds, which we found to be a nice length to allow people to see your message and get to some others, too. But you can request that the moderators of the feed to which you submit your content (more about that in a minute) allow a longer or short duration. You can do this by clicking the link to the right of this box, labeled Set a different duration. This will make a box appear where you can set your requested duration, as shown below.

Click the link to the right of the box to request a custom duration.

Click the link to the right of the box to request a custom duration.

Selecting a Feed

The most important part of this process is selecting which feed, or content category, best suits your message. You can more about these categories at this page. Click the list box to see all of the feeds to which you can submit your message. Please do your best to select the feed to which your particular message best applies. When you hover over a feed's name, you'll see a brief description of the feed to the right, which will give you examples of content that belong in that feed.

Hover your pointer over a feed's name in the list box to see a brief description to the right.

Once you're all set, click the Submit button to send your message to Concerto!

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