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Deleting Content

Last updated on January 21, 2013

Content which has passed its end time will be automatically removed from the display. However, sometimes it is is necessary to remove content before then, perhaps to replace it with a revised copy.

You can find content by clicking the "browse content" tab, and then clicking the relevant feed. Click the required item. If you are a moderator for that feed, then you can click "disapprove", which will remove the content from the display. It can subsequently be re-instated by repeating the process and clicking "approve".

If you originally added the content, then when you click the item, as above, you will be presented with a "delete item" button, which will permanently delete the item.

Note that there is no way to "edit" content (e.g. to change its start and end times, or its display duration) after it has been submitted. The only way is to disapprove or delete the existing item and resubmit a new copy with the revised details.

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